EighthInch Pro Level Bike Polo Mallet Head 80g



$9.50 Regular price $9.99
  • Our new EighthInch Polo Mallet is only 80g making it great for those long tournament weekends. The injection molded 6/6 Nylon keeps the mallet both lightweight and durable. The removable caps help give shots and passes a more predictable and consistent accuracy.
  • Upgrades from our previous version include cutting the width down to 130mm and replacing the center cup with a large cutout. The inner and outer diameters remain the same at 60mm and 50mm and he recessed screwholes have been moved to the side to minimize wear. The center sleeve is compatible with our 19mm polo shaft.
  • All of our mallets are covered by our Lifetime Replacement Plan if they ever wear out.
  • 80g weight
  • 130mm width (cut lines for 125 or 120mm)
  • Includes 2 EighthInch caps
  • Mounting bolt and cap screws included
  • 50mm inner diameter
  • 60mm outer diameter
  • Compatible with EighthInch caps
  • Compatible with 19mm EighthInch shaft (other shafts such as ski poles have been known to work if flipped. You can also wrap tapered poles with tape to allow for a tight fit.)
  • Lifetime Replacement Plan - New or old, our mallet heads are covered by a $5 replacement plan. Send your damaged or worn out EighthInch mallet back to us along with $5 to cover outgoing shipping and we?ll send you a new mallet free. International customers can warranty their mallet through their local EighthInch dealer.