Selle Royal Lookin Moderate Bicycle Saddle Adult Women / RoyalGel / Comfort Hybrid



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  • 3D SKINGE - This is an advanced, flexible system where Royalgel is placed strategically according to the anatomical needs of the rider, resulting in a lighter weight saddle while maintaining pressure reduction on the perineal and ischial areas up to 40%.
  • DOUBLE-COVER SIDE PROTECTION - A double-layer material applied to the sides of the saddle to double resistance against impacts and abrasions.
  • FLEXITE SYSTEM - The FLEXITE shell system was created to balance flexibility with strength by maximising performance through a unique, indented ‘channel’ structure on the bottom of the saddle body. This innovative construction guarantees extraordinary flexibility and shock absorption during riding.
  • WATER RESISTANT - Royal Vacuum Light is a patented Selle Royal technology that allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and therefore water resistant. Saddles made with this production method are furthermore 20% lighter than ordinary ones of the same category.
  • INTEGRATED CLIP SYSTEM - A patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a Selle Royal saddle bag or other accessory.