Shimano SH-RX801-FH Flint Hills SPD Gravel Men's Bike Shoes Twilight Size 40-46



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Shimano SH-RX801-FH Flint Hills Bicycle Shoes Twilight

  • Experience the perfect balance of holding power and comfort with the Shimano SH-RX801-FH Flint Hills Bicycle Shoes Twilight. Its surround wrapping upper pattern, crafted with supple synthetic leather, ensures a secure fit that doesn't compromise on comfort.
  • The super stiff and lightweight carbon composite sole is designed for high-speed gravel racing, giving you the edge you need to conquer any terrain.
  • The low-profile BOA® Li2 dials with rubber grip allow for quick and precise micro-adjustments, ensuring a customized fit for optimal performance.
  • These shoes feature lightweight, abrasion-resistant TPU lugs that provide an ideal balance between pedaling performance and off-bike capability.
  • The vivid inkjet printed graphics not only enhance durability but also inspire with their bold design, making a statement on and off the trail.
  • Engineered with SPD pedals in mind, these shoes maximize pedaling efficiency and stability, giving you the confidence to push your limits.
  • Salute the rolling hills and open range roads of the Flint Hills with the RX8 Twilight gravel shoes. These shoes are designed for those who seek to push boundaries and discover their inner potential.
  • The new Twilight gravel shoes combine the performance features and efficiency of the beloved RX8 gravel race shoe, now with the added touch of the purple evening glow reminiscent of nightfall on the tallgrass prairie.

Customer Reviews

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Nice update on an already good shoe

I have ridden the original RX8’s for the last year and a half and while not perfect, they’ve been awesome gravel/xc/cx all rounders.

These newer RX 801’s seem to pick up exactly where the older version left off. The heel cup hugs well, enabling you to loosen the boa if needed to let your feet wake up or adjust for any hot spots from over tight boa cord. The boas are way better on the 801s in that when you pop them open, they loosen the cord very easily where the older shoe was a bear to pull slack through the boa. The 801 also removes the elastic strap on the instep/inside of the shoe making it a lot easier to get them on and off without any compromise in snugness or security when they’re on. The soles are as stiff as I’d ever want and overall they’re pretty light. The insoles don’t do anything (even with Shimano “high” arch insert) to support my high arches so I had to use some custom insoles which make the shoe a little heavier, but far more comfortable and supportive for my feet. At sale prices, you’d be hard pressed to find a better shoe, as long as it fits your foot.