Vittoria Morsa Graphene G+ RTNT 26 x 2.5 DH Downhill Bike Tire Tubeless 1280g



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Designed to give you maximum grip, comfort, and protection on rougher and slippery trails and enduro courses, the Vittoria Morsa G+ mountain bike tire packs all the performance and durability you expect from Vittoria with the added benefit of the all-new G+ IsoTech graphene compound. The Morsa features an aggressive open-tread design that hooks into the trail, provides plenty of grip, yet still sheds mud and clay easily. Sharp, curved edges really bite into the terrain while angled sipes help to clear away water and maintain traction, and ramped and angled edges minimize rolling resistance. The Morsa G+ also has a graphene carbon compound mixed into the rubber layup for increased mileage. That all sounds great, but the G+ compound goes even one step further and improves the cornering grip and rolling resistance as well.Sharp curved edges keep you hooked into the trail Curved and angled sipes help clear away water Ramped and angled edges minimize rolling resistance G+ compound adds graphene to the tire rubber for better wear life and puncture resistance, as well as less rolling resistance and superior corning grip Choose 26", 27.5", 29er

About this item

  • Multi-condition Enduro and DH tire
  • Aggressive open tread for the most demanding conditions
  • Sharp, squared edges, bite into terrain
  • Curved siping provides maximum tactile grip
  • Ramped leading edges minimize rolling resistance