Vittoria Mezcal III 27.5 x 2.1 Cross Country MTB Tire Folding // Black 620 grams



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Vittoria Mezcal 27.5 Folding Tire.  Very versatile and fast XC tire for dry terrain, with semi-smooth tread but with more pronounced side knobs.

The Mezcal features a unique low profile tread pattern with slightly spaced lugs in the center for low rolling resistance and to ensure long life. Countless side knobs work together to ensure excellent grip on different types of terrain, while the directional grooves on each block allow for traction on rocks and roots. Vittoria's best tires are built with the best technology, both in terms of carcass that mixes it, and Mezcal is no exception. Using the properties of graphene and the proven 4C compound, Mezcal is the best XC rubber: excellent grip, good durability and low weight. 


Graphene is a revolutionary material that comes in the form of a thin, almost transparent carbon sheet.
In its most extreme form it occurs as a single atom (1 / 1,000,000,000th of a meter). Vittoria uses Directa Plus Graphene, called G +, which has a thickness between 2 and 8 atoms. Vittoria uses only the best quality Graphene, called pristine, in order to maximize its benefits in its products.


4 Compounds (4C - 4 Compounds) is the compound developed exclusively by Vittoria to achieve uncompromising product performance. 4C is a layering process that uses 4 different types of compounds in the same tread. The (4C) process offers unrivaled versatility, allowing you to separate the compound at the base and on the surface, both in the central and lateral areas of the tread.
Benefiting from all the properties of each compound, including G + Isotech, their distribution is tested to achieve the best product imaginable.

Etro: 52-584