Shimano PD-T8000 Dual Sided Bicycle Pedals w/Cleats // SPD // SM-SH56 // 392g



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by Shimano
Shimano PD-T8000 Bike Pedel

Versatile Dual-Platform Pedal

Whether you’re headed out for a long cycling adventure or just a pedal around town, the PD-T8000 is a great choice if you’re looking for maximum versatility. The dual-platform pedal enables you to clip into the SPD side for optimal pedaling efficiency or to use the platform side when you’re wearing everyday shoes.

Shimano PD-T8000 Bike pedals

Versatile & Efficient

Enjoy the freedom that comes with a dual-platform pedal. The PD-T8000 accommodates both epic touring adventures and casual urban rides. The SPD side of the pedal offers adjustable tension settings so you can customize your clipping in and out. On the platform side, the concave design and high-grip pins keep your foot securely on the pedal.

Shimano PD-T8000 Bike Pedals

Durable Design

The PD-T8000 is constructed with a forged alloy body and has a sealed cup and cone bearing that sits within a cartridge chrome-molly axle. This durable design keeps grit and water away from the bearings so that they keep rolling smoothly whatever your riding conditions.

Shimano PD-T8000 Bike Pedals

Shimano PD-T8000 Bike Pedal

Shimano PD-T8000 Bike Pedals

PD-T8000 Bike Pedal


SPD design on one side and a flat platform for maximum flexibility and versatility

High-grip Platform

The concave shape with eight pins per side increases grip and provides better control

Sealed Cup and Cone Bearings

Durable and low-maintenance

Adjustable Entry and Release

Customize your pedal feel with adjustable entry and release tension to make it easier or harder to clip in and out