Shimano PD-M520L Bicycle Pedals w/Cleats // SPD // SM-SH51 // 380g // Black



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by Shimano

  • Shimano PD-M520

    Reliable and Trustworthy SPD Pedal

    The PD-M520 is a great choice if you’re looking for a classic SPD pedal with a well tested and trustworthy design. The PD-M520 has a compact body and open binding for reliable clipping in and out in all conditions. A chrome-molly spindle and sealed bearing cartridge axle ensure durable and low-maintenance performance.

    Shimano PD-M520 Mountain Bike Pedal

    Optimal Pedaling

    The PD-M520 SPD pedal will improve your pedaling efficiency and power transfer. By clipping in, more of your effort is transferred from you to your bike. The result? You go faster. Coupled with its strong chrome-molly spindle and sealed bearings cartridge axle, the PD-M520 is all about durable performance at an affordable cost.

    Shimano PD-M520 Mountain Bike Pedals

    Reliable Engagement and Release

    The PD-M520’s open binding mechanism allows mud and debris to be pushed out when you step into the pedal. Its superior mud-shedding design means reliable clipping in and out in all conditions. The tension settings are adjustable so you can customize the force required to clip in and out.



    Shimano PD-M520

    Shimano PD-M520

    Shimano PD-M520

    Open binding design

    Excellent at shedding mud and debris for reliable performance in all conditions

    Sealed Bearings

    Sealed bearing cartridge axle for low-maintenance

    Chrome-Molly Spindle

    For strength and durability

    Adjustable Tension Settings

    Customize how easy or hard it is to clip in and out of the pedal