Mavic Cosmic Elite, Road Bike Front Wheel, 700c, 9x100mm, Q/R, Rim Brake



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Short Product Overview:

The Mavic Cosmic Elite front wheel is a high-performance aluminum wheel designed for road cyclists who demand speed and efficiency. It combines a 700c size with a rim brake design and tubeless-ready technology, offering an aerodynamic edge with its bladed spokes. Including a 25c tire, this wheel is ready for competitive racing or spirited group rides, providing a blend of durability, lightweight design, and aerodynamic performance.

Detailed Specifications:


  • Brand: Mavic
  • Model: Cosmic Elite
  • Size: 700c
  • Wheel Orientation: Front
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Type: Road
  • Rim Type: Clincher, TLR (Tubeless Ready)
  • Tubeless Compatibility: Yes
  • Front Axle Spacing: 9x100mm, quick release
  • Rim Inner Width: Not specified
  • Rim Depth: Not specified
  • Freehub Body: Not applicable for front wheel
  • Speed: Not applicable for front wheel
  • Hubs: Mavic Aluminum
  • Spoke Count: 20, bladed
  • Brake Type: Rim brake
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Intended Use: Road cycling, racing
  • Weight: 1239g with 25c tire

Additional Features:

  • Aerodynamic Spokes: The use of bladed spokes not only reduces drag but also enhances the wheel's stiffness and responsiveness during accelerations or climbing.
  • Tubeless Ready: Offers the benefits of running lower tire pressures for reduced rolling resistance and increased comfort without the risk of pinch flats.
  • Included Tire: Comes with a 25c tire that is optimized for performance, providing a good balance between grip, efficiency, and durability.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built with Mavic's renowned quality, this wheel is designed to withstand the rigors of road cycling while offering consistent performance.

Riding Impressions:

The Cosmic Elite front wheel strikes a fine balance between aerodynamic efficiency and practical usability. It's particularly suited for riders looking to upgrade their setup for better performance without breaking the bank. The wheel's responsiveness and handling are noticeable improvements, especially at high speeds and during aggressive maneuvers. The TLR system simplifies the setup for tubeless tires, further enhancing the wheel's capability to handle different road conditions with ease.

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