Bontrager Arvada Elite Road Bike Bicycle Racing Saddle // Small 216g



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Road ready, trail approved

Arvada Elite adds comfort and reduces soft tissue pressure by creating a strategic cut-out in the saddle shell. This allows the softer finishing material across the shell cut-out to be more compliant, so you get the benefits of a cutout saddle with the classic look and feel of a more traditional design.

  • Performance Posture 3 for pelvic rotation with a balance of comfort and efficiency
  • Channel Flex on bottom of shell for added compliance
  • Zone Density shell construction is strategically placed for optimal comfort and performance
  • Size Specific Curvature ensures each saddle is designed specific to its width
  • Austenite rails are lighter and stronger than hollow Titanium
  • inForm products optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance


  • Length: 270mm
  • Width: 128mm
  • Color: Black
  • Cover Material: Microfiber
  • Rail Material: Austenite
  • Weight 216g

This product is brand-new never mounted but does not include any retail packaging. It is exactly as pictured with no additional parts included.