Bontrager Aeolus RSL Carbon Road Bike Saddle - 250mm x 145mm // 10mm Setback // 146g



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Streamlined for speed, sculpted for comfort

Aeolus RSL brings comfort, power, and speed to cyclists looking to dig deep and rotate further forward into more aero positions. The Race Shop Limited design was developed with racers of Trek Factory Racing using uber-light carbon rails and shell that meld together with minimal padding for a saddle that looks fast as it rides. A shorter overall length, wider nose, and full cut-out eliminates soft-tissue pressure.

Product details

  1. Race Shop Limited design was developed for the needs of Trek Factory Racing
  2. Short profile provides targeted support for any gender rider in an aero riding position
  3. Full saddle cut-out minimizes soft-tissue pressure allowing for a more powerful, rotated position
  4. Carbon shell and oversized carbon rails keep it uber-light and ultra-comfortable
  5. Minimal bonded padding shaves weight and creates a sleek, high-end aesthetic
  6. Two sizes designed to align saddle with bone structure and avoid soft-tissue compression
Size 250mm x 145mm 250mm x 155mm
Length 250mm 250mm
Width 145mm 155mm
Fit color Yellow Blue
Rail dimensions Oval 7x10mm (Oversized) Oval 7x10mm (Oversized)
Cover material F-24 (soft touch) F-24 (soft touch)
Rail material Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
Weight 142g 146g

Aeolus RSL Saddle FAQ

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: The 145mm width is approximately 142g and the 155mm width is approximately 146g.

Q: What size are the rails?
A: 7x10mm oversized carbon.

Q: Is it compatible with the Blendr Light Mount?
A: Yes! It’s even included in the box but if you need a replacement, the model number is #24663.

Q: What happens to Aeolus Comp/Elite/Pro saddles?
A: Other Aeolus models will stay in the saddle line-up to provide additional Race Posture options for riders who don’t need the top-end RSL treatment.

Q: What’s the difference between Aeolus Comp, Elite, Pro, and RSL?
A: Aeolus Comp features steel rails and Comp-level trim that provides additional padding for entry-level comfort.
A: Aeolus Elite features a lightweight shell with Austenite rails that are lighter and stronger than hollow titanium.
A: Aeolus Pro features a lightweight carbon-reinforced shell that balances weight, strength, and compliance with oversized 7x10mm carbon rails.
A: Aeolus RSL features a full OCLV carbon shell that melds with oversized carbon rails to keep it uber-light and ultra-comfortable. The RSL-level trim also uses minimally bonded padding to shave weight and create a sleek, high-end aesthetic.

Q: What posture does Aeolus RSL fit into?
A: Aeolus RSL fits into Race saddles - Posture 2. They support riders who take a forward riding posture for power and performance. They’re great for fast roadies, crit racers, and competitive XC mountain bikers.