Bontrager Verse Pro Bike Road/Mountain Bike Saddle // 270mm x 165mm // Oversized Carbon Rail // 205g



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For mountain, for road, for men, for women

Our most versatile performance saddle puts you in a power posture for speed and control wherever you ride. Verse Pro is built with ultra-light, oversized carbon rails, a carbon-reinforced shell, and an inForm design with a full cutout shape for the ultimate in comfort and performance. Plus, it's equipped with a rear-facing Blendr mount for a Flare tail light.

Product details

  1. Saddle design supports riders of all genders in a performance riding position on road and mountain bikes
  2. Full saddle cutout minimizes soft tissue pressure for lasting comfort and performance
  3. Oversized carbon rails for lightweight strength (specific seat post ear clamps required)
  4. Lightweight carbon-reinforced shell provides perfect balance of weight, strength, and compliance
  5. Multiple widths and extended rail clamping area give more fit options
  6. inForm saddles are born of cutting-edge biomechanical research to maximize performance and rider comfort
  7. Available Blendr accessory mounts to cleanly integrate rear light
Size       270mm x 165mm
Length       270mm
Width       165mm
Fit color       Green
Rail dimensions       Oval 7x10mm (Oversized)
Cover material       F-24 (soft touch)
Rail material       Carbon Fiber
Weight       205g