S-PHYRE Tall Road/Mountain Cycling Socks // M/L // Shoe Size 41-44EU // White



by S-Phyre

Some companies knit socks, some make pedals, and others build cycling shoes, but only SHIMANO engineers socks, insoles, shoes, and pedals as an integrated system. To some this may seem excessive but we understand that a derailleur is only as good as the shift lever, cable and housing that activates it. At SHIMANO a pedal is only as good as the shoe, the insole and yes, even the sock. This System-Engineered approach allows us to improve and optimize each component of the system to ensure the power truly transfers to the pedal.  

  • Integrated ribbed knitting provides added cushioning over the top of the foot.
  • Knitted anti-slip heel.
  • Thin knitting for direct feel.
  • No seam toe finish.
  • Sole ventilation for comfortable riding.