Wheels Manufacturing PRESS-7-PRO Bottom Bracket Bearing Install Press w/Drifts



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Professional Universal Bottom Bracket Press

Designed to press in all current Wheels Mfg bottom brackets!

Professional, shop-quality, version of our Universal Bottom Bracket Press, but with larger handles and brass inserts in the handle faces. Easy to use, this tool is made up of two machined aluminum handles, 1/2" threaded rod and two machined aluminum drifts. Each drift is machined with multiple steps to fit common bottom bracket shell and bearing diameters listed in the Compatibility tab below.

No more searching for the correct size drifts and parts. Just match up the drift to your frame's BB shell size and your bottom bracket's bearing size and press. 1/2" diameter threaded rod resists bending, allowing for the cups to align and press in straight.

Drifts can also can be used as a frame bottom bracket shell sizing guide!

  • Machined aluminum handles and drifts
  • Brass inserts in the tool faces allow each handle to turn freely against drifts
  • Red anodized drifts and handles
  • Steps on drift are marked with diameter sizes
  • Zinc-plated 1/2" diameter threaded rod
  • Works with BB shells up to 132mm wide
  • Includes two universal BB drifts

Drifts fit the following BB shell sizes:

  • BB30 (42mm)
  • PF30 (46mm)
  • BB86, BB92 (41mm)
  • BBRight (46mm)
  • BB386EVO (46mm)
  • Cannondale BB30A (42mm)
  • Cannondale PF30A (46mm)
  • Specialized Carbon OSBB (46mm)
  • Specialized Alloy OSBB (42mm)
  • TREK BB90, BB95 (37mm)
  • PF24 (41mm)

Drifts fit the following sealed bearing inner diameters:

  • 22mm
  • 24mm
  • 30mm
  • How well does it work?

    "All I can say is that you have an awesome product on your hands. Both bearings in true and smooth in seconds. It took me far longer to get the old ones out. I had some time to reflect on all those wasted watts hammering out a seized bearing that I had pressed in crooked with a makeshift pile of washers and a threaded rod years ago. I am glad I put down the dollars to have the correct tools. So so worth it. Nice to know these will work for whatever press fits I have to tackle in the future." - Jesse N.

    "It was simple and easy.  Tool worked great!  And the cost was right!" - Chris F.