Spourtourer Jammy Gel Half Grips Nano Ergo Ergonomic Locking Shift Grips



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In Sportourer's line-up for grips, the Jammy Gel is an interesting choice. The Jammy Gel grips are designed for comfort and come in a palm rest design with adequate texture on both the top and underside. These grips really are easy to hold on to. They were designed with ergonomics in mind and also have Sportourer Airflow technology Incorporated into them. While riding the air passing the bar-ends is channeled in through the grip and across the palm.

Jammy Gel Grips:

  • Designed to reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel pathologies
  • Airflow system helps keep hands cool and dry
  • Dual density rubber with gel insert
  • Sram twist-shift compatible length
  • Locking to minimize chance for slippingtested and certified by Dr. Landino Cugola