Mavic Crossmax RT Bike Front Wheel, 29", 15x110mm Boost, Thru Axle, Disc, 6-Bolt



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The Mavic Crossmax RT front wheel is a high-performance option tailored for modern cross-country and trail riders. This wheel combines lightweight construction with robust durability and precise handling, making it suitable for competitive racing and demanding trail adventures. With a 29-inch diameter, it smoothly rolls over obstacles, contributing to faster and more comfortable rides. The 15x110mm boost spacing enhances wheel stiffness and bike handling, allowing for a more responsive and confident riding experience. Its 25mm internal rim width is optimized for wider tires, offering improved traction and stability across a variety of terrain. The wheel's construction features Mavic's renowned engineering quality, ensuring longevity and reliability. Sporting a sleek black design, the Crossmax RT not only performs exceptionally but also adds a touch of style to any bike.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Brand: Mavic
  • Model: Crossmax RT
  • Size: 29"
  • Wheel Orientation: Front
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Type: Mountain Bike
  • Rim Type: Clincher, Tubeless Ready
  • Tubeless Compatibility: Yes
  • Front Axle Spacing: 15x110mm Boost
  • Rim Internal Width: 25mm
  • Hubs: Mavic, known for smooth operation and durability
  • Spoke Count: 24, straight pull for enhanced strength and aerodynamics
  • Brake Type: 6-bolt disc
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Intended Use: Cross-country, trail riding
  • Weight: 901 grams
  • Additional Features:
    • Boost spacing for improved wheel stiffness and bike handling.
    • Tubeless-ready design for a smoother ride, better traction, and fewer flats.
    • Straight-pull spokes for a robust wheel build and efficient power transfer.

Riding Impressions:

The Mavic Crossmax RT front wheel offers a remarkable blend of speed, stability, and agility on the trails. Its lightweight design makes it easy to accelerate and climb, while the boost spacing ensures that handling feels secure and precise, even on technical terrain. The wider rim supports broader tires, allowing riders to take advantage of lower tire pressures for better grip and comfort. This wheel excels in both racing scenarios and leisurely trail rides, providing a reliable and exhilarating performance. The tubeless setup further enhances its appeal by reducing the risk of punctures and allowing for optimal tire performance. Overall, the Crossmax RT is a top-tier choice for riders seeking a front wheel that won't hold them back, no matter where the trail takes them.

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