Mavic Crossmax Pro Bike Front Wheel, 29", 15x110mm Boost, Thru Axle, Disc,6-Bolt



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The Mavic Crossmax Pro front wheel represents a cutting-edge option for cross-country riders and racers seeking a lightweight, yet robust solution for tackling demanding terrains. Engineered for 29" setups, this wheel combines Mavic's renowned precision and durability with the latest in mountain biking wheel technology. It's optimized for performance with features like tubeless-ready design, bladed spokes for reduced wind resistance, and a boost hub for enhanced wheel stiffness and control. At just 741g, it promises to elevate the ride without weighing down the bike, making it an ideal choice for competitive and serious recreational riders alike.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Brand: Mavic
  • Model: Crossmax Pro
  • Size: 29"
  • Wheel Orientation: Front
  • Material: Alloy
  • Type: Mountain Bike (XC)
  • Rim Type: Tubeless Ready (TLR)
  • Tubeless Compatibility: Yes
  • Front Axle Spacing: 15x110mm (Boost)
  • Hubs: Mavic, with 6-bolt disc mount
  • Spoke Count: 24, bladed
  • Brake Type: Disc, 6-bolt
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Intended Use: Cross-country (XC) mountain biking
  • Weight: 741g

Additional Features:

  • Boost Technology: Enhances wheel stiffness and precision, offering improved bike handling and responsiveness.
  • Bladed Spokes: Reduces aerodynamic drag, offering a slight advantage in speed and efficiency, particularly beneficial during races or fast rides.
  • Tubeless Ready (TLR): Allows for easy conversion to a tubeless setup, providing benefits such as reduced weight, improved ride quality, and decreased risk of flats.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of cross-country riding, ensuring reliability and longevity under tough conditions.
  • Lightweight Design: One of the lightest wheels in its category, enabling quicker accelerations and easier climbs without sacrificing strength.

Riding Impressions:

The Mavic Crossmax Pro front wheel is designed to deliver a superior riding experience for cross-country enthusiasts. Its lightweight yet strong construction makes climbing more efficient and accelerates quicker, allowing riders to tackle challenging terrains with confidence. The boost hub width not only increases wheel stiffness but also improves handling and control, essential for navigating through technical trails. Moreover, the wheel's bladed spokes and tubeless-ready design contribute to its overall performance, offering a blend of speed, comfort, and reliability. Whether for competitive racing or adventurous trail rides, the Crossmax Pro stands out as a top choice for riders looking to push their limits.

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