Mavic XA MTB Bike Front Wheel, 27.5", 15x110mm Boost, Thru Axle, Disc, 6-Bolt



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p>Short Product Overview:

The Mavic XA front wheel is designed to deliver a blend of durability, lightweight performance, and wider tire support for trail and all-mountain riding. Engineered for 27.5" setups, this wheel features a robust 30mm internal width rim that caters to modern tire standards, offering improved stability and traction on varied terrain. The 15x110mm boost spacing enhances wheel stiffness and bike handling precision, while the 6-bolt rotor mount ensures compatibility with a wide range of disc brake systems. Constructed with 24 straight pull spokes for a balance of strength and weight savings, and with a total weight of just 881g, this wheel is ready to tackle challenging trails. The TLR (Tubeless Ready) rim design simplifies the conversion to a tubeless setup, allowing for a reduction in weight and the ability to run lower tire pressures for increased grip and comfort.

Detailed Specifications:


  • Brand: Mavic
  • Model: XA
  • Size: 27.5"
  • Wheel Orientation: Front
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Type: Mountain Bike, Trail/All-Mountain
  • Rim Type: Clincher, TLR (Tubeless Ready)
  • Tubeless Compatibility: Yes
  • Front Axle Spacing: 15x110mm boost
  • Rim Inner Width: 30mm
  • Rim Depth: Not specified
  • Freehub Body: N/A (Front wheel)
  • Speed Compatibility: N/A (Front wheel)
  • Hubs: 6-bolt disc brake mount
  • Spoke Count: 24
  • Brake Type: Disc, 6-bolt
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Intended Use: Trail, All-Mountain
  • Weight: 881g

Additional Features:

  • 30mm Internal Rim Width: Provides a wider base for modern trail and all-mountain tires, enhancing stability and traction.
  • Boost Spacing: 15x110mm front hub spacing increases wheel stiffness and handling precision.
  • Tubeless Ready (TLR): Simplifies the conversion to a tubeless setup for lower tire pressures, improved traction, and reduced weight.
  • Straight-Pull Spokes: Optimize wheel strength and reliability without unnecessary weight.
  • 6-Bolt Disc Mount: Ensures wide compatibility with most disc brake systems.

Riding Impressions:

The Mavic XA front wheel is an excellent upgrade for trail riders and all-mountain adventurers seeking a robust and lightweight option. The 30mm internal rim width is a standout feature, providing a solid foundation for wider tires, which translates to better control and confidence on technical terrain. The boost hub spacing and straight-pull spoke design contribute to the wheel's responsive feel, offering precise steering through tight trails and over rough sections. The TLR system's ease of setup and the benefits of running tubeless—such as lower pressures for better traction and comfort—make this wheel a comprehensive package for those looking to push their riding further. Overall, the Mavic XA front wheel is a compelling choice for riders looking to enhance their trail riding experience with a combination of performance, durability, and modern features.

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