Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V TLR Carbon Road/Gravel Disc Brake Wheel // Front // 12x100 Thru Axle




For the groad less traveled

Aeolus Pro 3V is the ultimate road disc upgrade. It has a wider 25mm internal rim so you can run lower pressure for better tire support, added traction, better cornering, and a faster, more comfortable ride. Plus, Rapid Drive 108 road hubs add snappy engagement for an all-around better ride.

Product details

  1. OCLV Pro Carbon offers an optimized blend of weight, strength, and durability
  2. D3 Dual Directional Design profile cuts drag at tire-leading and rim-leading edge
  3. 25mm inner rim width (32mm outer) for added tire support to suit larger-volume road and gravel tires
  4. Rapid Drive 108 road hubs provide quick engagement for faster acceleration and increased control
  5. Tubeless Ready (TLR) rims allow for quick transition to tubeless system
  6. Centerlock disc with 12mm thru-axle and end caps available for 15mm conversion
  7. No rider weight limit
Size Front, Not applicable Rear, Shimano/SRAM Road 11-speed
FT/RR/PR Front Rear
Diameter 700C 700C
Type Tubeless Ready (TLR)/Clincher Tubeless Ready (TLR)/Clincher
Cassette compatibility Not applicable Shimano/SRAM Road 11-speed
Hub width 100mm 142mm
Holes 24 24
Butting 14/17/14 14/17/14
Cross section Bladed Bladed
Brake type Centerlock disc Centerlock disc
Attachment Thru Axle Thru Axle
Nipple locking type Alloy Locking Alloy Locking
Valve Presta Presta
Rim material Carbon Carbon
Weight 720g 855g

Aeolus Pro 3V FAQ

Are there any rider weight limits for Aeolus Pro 3V wheels?
Aeolus Pro 3V wheels have no rider weight limits

What rim strips are needed for tubeless setup?
Aeolus Pro 3V have a 25mm Inner width and require a specific rim strip for best performance.Part # W574595

Which valve stems are recommended?
Aeolus Pro 3V Wheels use a 55mm valve stem. Part #W578872

Is there a SRAM XDR driver available?
Yes, Aeolus Pro 3V are compatible with SRAM XD Road 12 speed, you will need an XDR driver. Part # 585661

Do the disc brake wheels come with a Centerlock disc brake lockring? How do I get one?
No, Centerlock lock rings generally come with rotors. They can also be ordered from Dexter, part #W333810

Do they come with tube type rim tape or tubeless rim strips?
They ship with Tubeless Ready(TLR) rim strips, as well as TLR valves and are ready for tubeless setup.

What is the difference between these and the Aeolus Pro wheels?
Key differences -Aeolus Pro 3V have a wider 25mm inner rim width and have Rapid Drive 108 Road hubs.

Are these wheels supported by the Carbon Care Whel Loyalty Program?
Yes, the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program offers no cost replacement for the first 2 years of ownership.

Are other end caps available for different front axle widths?
Yes, changing to 5mm or 15mm requires end caps as well as an axle swap – axle part # 504292 for both, 15mm end caps part #431778, 5mm end caps part # W318502

How many points of engagement do the Rapid Drive Road hubs provide?
Rapid Drive Road hubs offer 108 points of engagement through 6 alternating pawls and a 54 tooth drive ring. Bontrager Rapid Drive 108 Hubs are completely serviceable.

Are Aeolus Pro 3V wheels compatible with Campy?
No, there is no Campagnolo compatible free hub available.

Are colored decals available?
No, Aeolus Pro 3 V is not available with different decal colors.

Can they be purchased as a rim-only?
No, Aeolus Pro 3V wheels are only available as complete wheels.

What is the smallest recommended tire for the Aeolus Pro 3V?
The smallest tire we recommend for Aeolus Pro 3V is a 700x28.

What does the V stand for anyway?
V is for Volume. The wider inner rim width provides additional volume for a given tire. More air volume in the tire lets you run less tire pressure for added traction, control, and confidence.

Is there a rim brake version available?
No, Aeolus Pro 3 V is disc brake only.

What is the optimal tire size?
While Aeolus Pro 3V require a minimum tire size of 28mm, the best riding experience will be with 700x32 and up, and it supports tires all the way up to 64mm.

Why am I so confidently fast now that I have these wheels on my bike?
The wider inner rim width better supports wider tires and provides additional volume so you can run less tire pressure for added traction and a smoother, faster rolling ride.

Does the wider rim affect clearance with a given tire in bike frames?
Yes, the wider rim provides added tire volume. The difference will depend on the tire used, but as a general recommendation, a 700 x 32 tire's width on an Aeolus Pro 3V would measure closer to a 700 x 35 width as measured on other rims(even though the actual diameter stays the same)